“Creativity loves constraints and simplicity is at our core”

An interesting philosophy from Social Media site Twitter.

We live in a world where a high percentage of engagement comes through social media pages.  Twitter recently released a Imagestatement as part of their ‘Best Practice’ advice.  Tweets that are under one hundred characters get a higher engagement rate. In fact 17% higher according to research conducted by Buddy Media.

Social Media is a different arena to that of books and newspapers.  When we reach for a book we typically expect to see a page of text.  Online audiences typically have less time to spend and not much patience; audiences want quick access to useful information.  Our intention with the Inspired Moments blog is to avoid using long blocks of text to enable our readers to easily scan and pick out important information.

We have an opportunity to use our creativity and visuals play an important part when viewing posts.  ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ becomes even more pertinent online.  A Facebook post (optimal character length under 40) feels inspired by photography sites such as Instagram and higher engagement rates are achieved by the use of visuals.  Followers will look to be not only informed but feel inspired.

As bloggers we endeavor to stick to our 400 word-count limit.  We believe it is a length that most readers will stick with from start to finish which has forced us to become more succinct with our writing.  We want to give our followers a tangible weekly ‘takeaway’ that they find of value.

With that in mind, it is important to remember that your blog represents you in the online space.  We have created Inspired Moments to be an interesting, creative and visually impactful place to visit.  We create changing monthly images to enhance the visitor experience.  The content and ‘tone of voice’ of the writing should reflect who we are and meet our follower’s expectations or they won’t come back for more!

IP have created our own rules when it comes to the information we publish online.  Inform, influence and inspire ~ these are the constraints we apply to encourage our own online creativity.

What would IP say in one hundred characters or less…simply “IP are passionate about engaging people differently to deliver results using innovative techniques”

For more information on Twitter Business Best Practice go to: https://business.twitter.com/en-gb/best-practices


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